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49th Annual Raffle

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Pilot for a Day

The Pilot for a Day shadow-visit program gives future students the opportunity to experience the students, teachers, and traditions that make De La Salle Collegiate a unique academic community.


Tuition Assistance

A De La Salle education is an investment in your son’s life, an investment that will pay dividends throughout the rest of his life. 

Virtual Tour

Take a self-guided and completely interactive tour of De La Salle to experience a day in the life of a Pilot, from anywhere you are. 

Open House

De La Salle Collegiate is a renowned Catholic college preparatory school helping form exceptional young men who are centered on education, respect, faith, and inclusivity.

Builders of Boys.
Makers of Men.

We believe in helping create exceptional young men centered on education, respect, faith, and inclusivity to positively challenge and impact one another, the greater community, and the future.

The world continues to evolve as does education. De LaSalle Collegiate draws on our history of Lasallian Education to deliver a world-class Catholic education. The De LaSalle community is committed to recognizing the potential in each student and working in brotherhood to guide and support their journey.

Our promise is to provide an educational experience that is driven by Faith and supports Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at all levels of engagement. Together in Faith, Faith in Each Other, Faith in You we grow stronger in brotherhood.

Larry Rancilio

De La Salle Collegiate

Our faith extends far beyond religion.

It's rooted in one another and our commitment to excellence. 



Not just high school. Here you will form lifelong relationships that will flourish well outside our walls. The values and morals instilled at De La Salle sets your child on the right path in this ever noisy world we live in. Every year we hear from our Alumni how much our institution shaped and changed their lives. Join the brotherhood today.



At De La Salle Collegiate, your son will create lifelong meaningful bonds with students and staff. With a wide network of proud alumni spanning almost 100 years, we have contributed to shaping the future of Michigan and beyond.

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