Powerlifters in State Top Ten

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At the March 10-11 State Powerlifting Finals, five DLS lifters placed at the meet, and ended with a top ten finish.

These lifters include

  • Freshman Michael Young (207 WC) 10th
  • Sophomore Lorenzo Bruglio (220 WC) 9th
  • Senior Evan Holland (194 WC) 8th
  • Freshman Anthony Killop (114 WC) 7th
  • Senior Steve Killop (181 WC) 2nd

Students have three different opportunities in the weeks leading up to the state competition to qualify. DLS had 11 young men qualify, and 9 went to the state event at Croswell-Lexington High School.

To learn more about DLS Powerlifting, click here

DLS Powerlifting is coached by Mr. Brent Castine.

PL States 1

Back row is Derrelle Murray Main row – Joe Zynda, Michael Young, Anthony Stepnitz, and Lorenzo Bruglio (L to R) in front is Anthony Killop

PL States 2

Evan Holland, Steve Killop, and Richie Corona (L to R)

PL States 3

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