3 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe Online

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Do you live in a state of constant worry about what your children are doing online? Wondering who they are talking to on social media, and who is “following” them? Well welcome to parenting in 2017. The good news is that De La Salle Collegiate is here to partner with you.

We know that parents face a constant struggle regarding how much freedom to give, when to put some checks in place, and when to step in. Children today have an excellent ability to apply parental peer pressure when it comes to their devices and their electronic world. Thus often makes parents feel like they are the bad guy. The best way to combat this is through knowledge and understanding.

Here are three easy steps you can put in place to help keep your children safe online:

  1. Make sure you have login credentials for each of your childrens’ accounts, and check them periodically. Do not just friend, follow, or tag them.
  2. Do not allow them to use their full name when setting up accounts. Explain to your kids they should use a first name and their middle name as a fake last name when setting up the account. The goal is for their friends/family in real life to find them, not strangers. For example, if my son’s name was John Robert Smith, I would have him register as John Robert.
  3. Turn off location services on your child’s phone and do not “check in” any ware. This last an excellent rule of thumb for any family. It prevents strangers from doing a quick search of who is in their immediate surroundings.

If you would like to learn more about this topic and strategies to keep your family safe online, we invite you to register for our free presentation on March 27th at 6 pm here at De La Salle Collegiate. It is open to any prospective families with kids of any age, their parents, and current students and parents.

To register please CLICK HERE.

Anyone who registers will be sent a PDF with great free resources to keep your kids safe.

If you have any questions, please let us know at admissions@delasallehs.com or 586-541-6220.

God Bless and Go Pilots!

Mr. Bill Burkhardt, ’03

Director of Admissions

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