De La Salle Collegiate is a renowned Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school helping create exceptional young men who are centered on education, respect, faith, and inclusivity to positively challenge and impact one another, the greater community, and the future. 

Derived from the Five Core Principles of Lasallian Schools (Quality Education, Inclusive Community, Concern for the Poor/Social Justice, Respect, Faith), the following four terms, when used together, make up our DNA that is specifically us.

Respect is powerful. At De La Salle, it is an expectation as soon as you walk through the door. Respect is earned. Respect is developed. Respect is fueled by unwavering and trusting relationships. With an uncommon level of accountability flooding our hallways day in and day out, we are bound by commitment to do right and thrive, together. 

Faith is plentiful here. Our faith extends far beyond religion, seeping into every aspect of our experience at De La Salle Collegiate. We have faith in one another, in our systems and processes, in our mission, in our values, and in our purpose. We have faith in our excellence and our determination. 

Inclusivity is in our fabric. We believe in dynamic groups of students, staff, families, and perspectives. We believe in equality and equity. We believe there is opportunity for all students to not only be here, but to thrive here. There is a place for you at De La Salle. Come and claim it.

Quality education is who we are. We are redefining academic rigor every single day. We take the prestige of a highly academic institution and apply it to every aspect of the De La Salle experience. 

If you have any questions about the academic initiatives, courses, or programs, please contact Assistant Principal, Chris Dean.