Academic Support

Unidentified students study in class.

Welcome to Academic Support

De La Salle is a professional learning community, and as such, we are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students. 
The role of the Academic Support team is to provide the extra time and support that some students may need to master the essentials. The team has six members, all full-time faculty members. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

The team provides support through several programs.

Programs which mainly target freshmen
The FAST program (Future Achievement Starts Today) targets incoming freshmen we believe will benefit from extra support to enable them to soar academically. FAST students are served through two classes: Principles or Literacy and/or Intensive Math. 

The Principles of Literacy class helps students read with greater comprehension. Principles of Literacy meets in addition to be Composition and Literature course required of all freshmen. Participation in the Summer Literacy Workshop is required of students in Principles of Literacy.

Intensive Math (iMath) is designed to boost basic math skills. iMath meets in addition to the College Prep Algebra course required of all freshmen.

In both Principles of Literacy and iMath, students also receive general support to help them in all their classes. For Instance, study skills, organization, and time management are addressed. 

Programs which support students in all gradesThe SAIL program (Student Academic Intervention for Learning) provides support to all students who need extra help or extra time to master the essentials. Students are referred to SAIL by their teachers after normal support efforts have been exhausted.  Students who are on academic probation are automatically assigned to SAIL. 

Power Hour (In-School Support Program) is a daily tutoring program that is available for all students.

International students from non-English speaking countries will be enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL). 

Meet our Academic Support Team

Mike Szatkowski

Headshot of Mike Szatkowski

Academic Support Coordinator

Andrew Campbell

Headshot of Andrew Campbell

School Psychologist

Jackie Stoneman

Headshot of Jackie Stoneman

Academic Support Teacher

Bro. Joe Reed

Headshot of Brother Joe Reed

Academic Support Teacher