Academic Support

Welcome to the Loepp Family Foundation Pilot Center

Identifying students early is key to closing learning gaps and achieving success.  De La Salle’s screening of incoming students is academically focused and includes one standardized measure - the High School Placement Test (HSPT).  This assessment provides our admissions and academic support team members with local and national rankings in both Cognitive and Academic skills.  A student’s performance on this assessment leads to curriculum based measures designed by our Academic Support team as well as a multi-disciplinary interview.

Additional screening and progress monitoring is conducted using web-based tools throughout the school year.  This screening includes both academic achievement and social/emotional strengths.

Loepp Family Foundation Pilot Center Programs:

Additional Loepp Family Foundation Pilot Center Services:

  • Administration of accommodated standardized testing (i.e. individual SAT and ACT testing)
  • Administration of individual and small group formative and summative assessments - students who need testing accommodations such as alternative settings, tests read aloud, use of assistive technology, extended time, or extra breaks use the space for any/all assessments
  • Individualized or small group tutoring
  • Small group counseling services - Social Skills Group, Executive Skills Group, CBT Group
  • Individual support services for Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work, and Teacher Consultant services provided through Warren Woods
  • Non-Public Service Plan and DLS Accommodation Plan Meetings

Meet our Academic Support Team

Mike Szatkowski

Headshot of Mike Szatkowski

Academic Support Coordinator

Andrew Campbell

Headshot of Andrew Campbell

School Psychologist

Bro. Joe Reed

Headshot of Brother Joe Reed

Academic Support Teacher