Counselor Tony Albani sitting in the Commons with a De La Salle student.



The mission and responsibility of the Counseling Department is to advocate for students. We seek to develop a relationship with each student and become cognizant of the students’ academic, personal, social and spiritual strengths and weaknesses. We assist students in their developmental growth from freshman year through senior year and strive to maximize their potential in every way possible in partnership with parents and teachers.



academic counseling personal counseling
parent/teacher consultations referral to counseling agencies
career education exploration college planning (visits, applications, etc)
financial aid workshops parent orientations
Standardized testing parent workshops
freshman parent night college information night
organization & study skills assistance classroom presentations on social issues

Credit Recovery Classes


All of these classes are delivered online, and available around the clock. Students can enroll at any time during the year. Once enrolled, each student is assigned an academic coach who will contact them twice weekly to discuss progress and provide assistance.

Step 1 – Student needs to have one page form from student’s school counselor explaining what courses the student is approved to take at Clintondale Virtual School.

Step 2 – Click on the enrollment form link on our website, to fill out your enrollment forms, or you can come into Clinton Virtual School location at 19189 15 Mile, located in the Trackside Commons Plaza close to Groesbeck Highway in Clinton Township.

Step 3 – Make payment either by credit card, check or money order made payable to: Clintondale Virtual School

Step 4 – Students receive course login information with the link for the enrollment forms.


For enrollment information, contact Jennifer Dorcy by phone: 586-649-2323; fax: 586-792-5686; or  email:

Available Recovery Classes

ENGLISHEnglish 9 A/B
English 10 A/B
English 11 A/B
English 12 A/B

Accounting A/B
Pre Algebra A/B
Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B
Consumer Mathematics
Geometry A/B
Introduction to Finance
Integrated Math 1 A/B
Integrated Math 2 A/B
Integrated Math 3 A/B
Personal Finance
Pre-Calculus A/B
Probability and Statistics

Applied Medical Terminology A/B
Art History and Appreciation
Business Information Management A/B
Career Explorations
Child Development and Parenting A/B
Computer Programming A/B
Computing for College and Careers A/B
Digital and Interactive Media A/B
Drafting and Design A/B
Entrepreneurship A/B
Essential Career Skills
Food & Safety Sanitation
Game Development
Health Science 1 A/B
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to Culinary Art
Introduction to Fashion Design
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Social Media
Introduction to Visual Arts
Marketing, Advertising, and Sales
Music Appreciation
Mythology and Folklore
Nutrition and Wellness
Physical Education
Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources A/B
Principles of Architecture and Construction A/B
Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance A/B
Principles of Education and Training A/B
Principles of Government and Public Administration A/B
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism A/B
Principles of Human Services A/B
Principles of Information Technology A/B
Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security A/B
Principles of Manufacturing A/B
Principles of Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics A/B
Professional Communications
World Religions

Biology A/B
Chemistry A/B
Earth Science A and B
Environmental Science A and B
Physical Science A and B
Physics A/B
Introduction to Marine Biology
Introduction to Forensic Science
Integrated Physics and Chemistry A/B

U.S. Government
U.S. History A/B
World History and Geography A/B

Spanish 1 A/B
Spanish 2 A/B

Meet our Counselors

Tony Albani

Headshot of Tony Albani

Andrew Campbell

Headshot of Andrew Campbell

Jon Hickey

Headshot of Jon Hickey

Dominic Reid

Headshot of Dominic Reid