ACT Prep Classes

Graphic with students in the background

Juniors and Sophomores may take the ACT/SAT test, one of the most important components in their college application process. Students may take the ACT exam in February, April or June/July 2021.
They also have the option to take the SAT in March, May or June 2021.

Many students benefit from a structured classroom approach to test preparation. For many years, De La Salle Collegiate has offered an after-school ACT preparation course. The class is taught by Mr. Joe Novak (Science and Math portions) and Mrs. Annmarie Michol (English, Reading and Writing portions). Mrs. Shelley Slusser serves as course coordinator and backup teacher. 

The cost is $150, which includes the ACT prep book. The book contains several samples tests and explanations of test answers. The course includes a total of eight classes over a two-three week period.

Should these sessions not work with your schedule, we will be offering additional second-semester ACT/SAT sessions. If you are interested in any of these additional second-semester classes please contact Mrs. Slusser.  In case of a school closure for inclement weather, the schedule will move accordingly. We will not miss any component of the class.


  • Enrollment is limited to the first 35 students in each session on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Students should register at the Business Office. (Turn in Registration Form with payment to the Business Office).
  • Enrollment is finalized AFTER payment is received.
  • Participants can pay with cash or check at the Business Office window, or they can use the drop box.  (checks made out to De La Salle Collegiate). Parents can also indicate in writing that they would like the ACT Test Prep charge added to their FACTS account.
  • The $150 registration is due by Nov. 8 for the first session and Nov. 26 for the second session.
  • Parents and students will receive a confirmation email on Nov. 8 indicating the session to which the student is assigned.
  • Parents and students will also receive reminder emails BEFORE the session begins, and emails in case of a class postponement. 

Some Additional Notes

  • Classes meet in either Mrs. Michol’s (Room 216) or Mr. Novak’s (Room 108) classroom. Some classes might also have to meet in Mrs. Slusser’s (Room 324) classroom.
  • Students are expected to report on time, in dress code, and to stay for the ENTIRE time.
  • Disruptive students will be removed from the class.
  • There are no opportunities to make up the class.
  • Attendance is taken at these classes. Parents should notify Mrs. Slusser via email if their son is absent.  If a student is absent, and there has been NO notification, parents will be contacted. 

If you have further questions about testing dates please feel free to contact Mrs. Slusser at anytime.