Students study in English class.

All students take English each school year.

As freshmen and sophomores, students take Literature & Composition I & II, which are courses designed to advance their language development through reading, writing, and discussion. Students will read various novels and short stories as they study the main elements of literature, and begin to really understand the author's true purpose for writing.

At the junior level, students will take American Literature, which uses a thematic approach to study our diverse American culture through close reading and analysis of primary and contemporary works.

Seniors will study World Literature, in which they will explore various global issues while reading and closely analyzing various works from authors all around the world.

The English Department offers honors courses at every level, and seniors are also provided with the option to take Advanced Placement Literature which gives them the opportunity to obtain college credits while still in high school. All of our English classes focus on expanding the writing skills of the students, including their argumentative (ACT-style) and analytical writing skills. After completing all required English courses, students will leave De La Salle with proficiency in the standard usage of language and an ability to critically think and read for understanding new content and the world around them.

English Courses