Brother Ken lectures in class at De La Salle.

The Theology Department seeks to both catechize and evangelize our students in order to foster within them the life of Christ-like virtue and a deep knowledge of the truths of the faith.

We carry on the mission of our founder St. John Baptist de La Salle by relying on his heavenly intercession and learning from the principles he laid down.

Underclassmen are introduced to St. La Salle by learning about his life and educational legacy. They are instructed about God's revelation by learning what the Sacred Scriptures are, how they came to be, and how to interpret and apply them in our lives. The entire story of salvation contained in both the Old and New Testament is covered with an emphasis on Christ as its central figure. Underclassmen conclude by learning about the nature and mission of Christ and His holy Catholic Church.

Upperclassmen are instructed on how to live a life of Christian virtue by studying morality, and how to have a privileged encounter with Christ through the sacraments. They conclude by learning about how Western civilization was built by the Catholic Church throughout its glorious history and end with a summation course recapping all that they've learned the past four years.

The Theology Department also works closely with the Campus Ministry to provide opportunities that integrate retreat experiences and faith-based community service with classroom instruction.


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