Educational Philosophy

Students taking a test at De La Salle.

The rigorous academic program, combined with the spiritual, moral, physical, and social programs offered at De La Salle Collegiate, helps to form well-rounded young men as they prepare for college and beyond in the Lasallian tradition.

Students follow a challenging program to develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and learning. Technology tools and writing are incorporated throughout the curriculum to enhance research, idea development, and presentation skills. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and open to growth, thus discovering and exploring new ideas and issues.

Our highest priority is to offer outstanding teaching in all our courses. De La Salle is characterized by the continual development of excellence in the classroom, the recognition of multiple ways of learning, and the accessibility of the staff to our students.

De La Salle’s educational program is designed to enable each student to develop to his maximum potential. The objectives for the educational program include helping each student to:

  • become a productive and responsible citizen.
  • develop the fundamental skills essential to self-directed, lifelong learning.
  • demonstrate consideration and respect for others.
  • make appropriate educational and career plans.
  • learn and apply strategies for logical problem solving and decision making.
  • develop self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility for his learning, decisions and actions.
  • make choices consistent with a healthy lifestyle.
  • demonstrate the ability to work well with others.
  • use technology effectively.