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Banking class members for the 2019-20 school year.


Christian Financial Credit Union has partnered with De La Salle Collegiate to give students the opportunity to learn first-hand about the world of banking and aid students in making wise financial choices. 

By becoming a member, you become a part owner of the credit union! Unlike account-holders at banks, credit union members own the credit union and have the opportunity to voice their opinions in the decision-making process. Profits that Christian Financial earns go back to members as lower rates on loans and higher interest rates on savings accounts.


Honors Banking

De La Salle Collegiate students in their junior or senior year are eligible to enroll in the Honors Banking class taught by Mrs. Meier.

In order to enroll, students must go through an application and interview process. If selected for the Honors Banking class, students will become employees of Christian Financial Credit Union and go through a mandatory training process during the summer before school starts.

Class curriculum covers banking basics from account types, to more thorough details on how the Federal Reserve works, and even in-depth investment information from experts.


During the Honors Banking class, students will receive real work experience, as well as resume-building skills and a part-time job. Students will begin in the summer of 2020 and may have the opportunity to work part-time at one of our ten branches. 

 Students will:

  • Build their resume through real work experience and leadership opportunities

  • Learn fundamental banking concepts and principles

  • Acquire skills by working with real-life customers and understanding how credit unions build relationships with their members

  • Attend a two-week training that will teach them financial concepts, marketing, how to make deposits and payments and the future of technology in the banking industry

  • Attend marketing events and gain experience working with potential members

  • Have the opportunity to earn money by working at a Christian Financial branch

  • Take on responsibility as an employee at "The Union," the CFCU branch at De La Salle (students will spend school time working in various roles at the branch)

It is important to realize that students will be required to report to training at a designated Christian Financial branch for two weeks in the summer - this training is mandatory regardless of whether or not the student wished to work as a teller. 

For more information on the Honors Banking class please contact the school office at 586-778-2207, or contact Ashley Hypnarowicz.

Join Today

By joining Christian Financial, you will be able to enjoy the various services and products that CFCU has to offer. These products are geared towards those who are becoming financially independent.

Our Ignition Account (Ages 13-17) Includes:

  • Free Checking with no limited balance
  • Debit card with access to nearly 30,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Free online and mobile banking with E-Statements, E-Alerts and online bill payment
  • Membership is open to any De La Salle student
    • Students will have easy access to accounts while at school
  • Begin a healthy relationship with credit

Opening an account is fast and easy, and we're here to help. Plus, staff, parents and siblings are also eligible for membership. 

Click the link below to begin the application. 

NOTE: The first attachment option is to upload a photo of the parent driver's license to the document - this is required. The second is for a De La Salle student ID (if applicable). If the student does not have an ID issued yet, the ID is not required to attach. You will also need $5 for your membership share, this gives you an ownership share in the credit union. 

Once complete, an email will be sent to the student within 48 hours with more information about how to log in to Online Banking.

Students under 18 Apply Today     Students over 18 Apply Today


Meet Our Banking Team

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