IB students at Glacier National Park.

Widely recognized as the most challenging and respected pre-university course of study anywhere in the world, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme helps students develop the cognitive tools needed for success in an increasingly interconnected, global world.

Every junior and senior student at De La Salle Collegiate has the opportunity to take IB courses that provide an appropriate level of academic challenge. The IB Program teaches students to learn the same way they will be taught in college: with a focus on critical thinking instead of memorization; with assessments that go beyond standardized testing to develop students’ ability to write, communicate orally, and conduct research. 

Central to the design of our junior and senior IB program is student choice. Students can opt to take individual IB courses as part of their total course load, or students can choose to be part of the full Diploma Programme, where all of their courses are IB.

Generally, IB courses are two years in length, running for both junior and senior years. In each course, students take multiple creative IB assessments and receive a score from IB (on a scale of 1-7) in addition to their regular De La Salle grades.

Students Interested in the IB Program


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