International Baccalaureate

IB students at Glacier National Park.

Widely recognized as the most challenging and respected pre-university course of study anywhere in the world, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme helps students develop the cognitive tools needed for success in an increasingly interconnected, global world.

Every junior and senior student at De La Salle Collegiate has the opportunity to take IB courses that provide an appropriate level of academic challenge. The IB Program teaches students to learn the same way they will be taught in college: with a focus on critical thinking instead of memorization; with assessments that go beyond standardized testing to develop students’ ability to write, communicate orally, and conduct research. 

Central to the design of our junior and senior IB program is student choice. Students can opt to take individual IB courses as part of their total course load, or students can choose to be part of the full Diploma Programme, where all of their courses are IB.

Generally, IB courses are two years in length, running for both junior and senior years. In each course, students take multiple creative IB assessments and receive a score from IB (on a scale of 1-7) in addition to their regular De La Salle grades.




An IB student is flying fishing with classmates at Dodge Park in Sterling Heights.

IB Language A: Literature HL1/2

Foreign Language
IB Language B: Spanish SL1/2
IB French ab initio SL

Social Studies
IB History of Americas HL1/2
IB Economics SL

IB Biology HL1/2
IB Chemistry HL1/2
IB Environmental Systems SL

IB Mathematics SL1/2 & HL1/2

Fine Arts
IB Art SL1/2
IB Art HL 1/2
IB Music SL

Business & Technology
IB Business Management SL

Planning Your Courses

IB students poise for a photo in front of the Brilliant Detroit house on the city's east side.

The choice between taking individual IB courses (Business, Economics, and Environmental Systems ONLY) or the full IB Diploma Programme is an important decision made in the spring of sophomore year. The IB Director will meet with students and parents to share more about the IB Diploma and help each student make the best possible personal decision.

Students and parents should review the course offerings carefully and give deliberate thought to the student’s aptitude, interests, and plans for the future as they select courses. Parents and students should also be aware that not all courses may be available depending upon resources (teachers, rooms, and demand).

IB Diploma Programme


Students who opt for the Diploma Programme take six IB courses, typically one from each category listed above. Diploma students must meet additional core requirements as well, including an Extended Essay (a sizeable, independent, research project) and the Theory of Knowledge course (which gives students opportunity to reflect upon and synthesize ideas from their main courses). 

Only students who commit in writing for the program in their sophomore year will be permitted to pursue the IB Diploma starting in their junior year.

Once the student has committed to the program and is approved, the student is required to complete the entire program and is liable for all testing fees and possibly purchasing online course textbooks (please consult the IB Director for more information).

Students eligible for free or reduced lunches, in accordance with federal guidelines, may be eligible to have the testing fees paid for by De La Salle. Any such student must fill out a form provided by the Director of Tuition Assistance.

IB Exam Schedule

Exam schedules will be posted in the final quarter of each semester.