Student Ambassadors

A student ambassador leads a prospective student and his family on a tour of the school.

Student Ambassadors at De La Salle Collegiate are the best representatives of the school. They interact and engage with prospective families, alumni, and friends of De La Salle while also promoting the school and its programs.

They provide information and insight about the school as part of Admissions and Advancement activities, special events, community service projects, and speaking engagements.

Ambassadors must understand the Lasallian mission, and have the following personal qualities: a sincere respect and appreciation for their De La Salle experience and comfort in discussing it; a desire to learn; enthusiasm; leadership; responsibility; dependability; dedication; and punctuality.

Ambassadors must possess good speaking skills, and enjoy interacting with a variety of people. They will have opportunities to improve their leadership skills in a variety of settings, and must maintain a positive demeanor that reflects well on De La Salle as they interact with current and prospective students and alumni. In doing so, Ambassadors enjoy the tangible benefits of networking opportunities, and building their portfolio of experiences.

Contributes approximately 25 hours of volunteer service during the course of the academic year.
Serves as an Ambassador at special events sponsored by either the Admissions or Advancement Departments, such as Fall Activities Night, Open House, the Christian Brothers Dinner, etc.
Leads the training of tour guides for Open House.
Makes phone calls to potential students.
Makes thank-you phone calls to donors and others who support De La Salle.
Assist De La Salle in planning a Senior Class Gift program. 
BENEFITSStudents who are selected as Ambassadors will receive letters of recommendation from both the Admissions and Advancement Departments, and will have this service noted on their transcripts.
Students will also be able to add this information to their resumes.
Students will improve their leadership and communication skills.
Students will have the ability to meet, interact, and network with alumni.
Receive special De La Salle Student Ambassador apparel.
APPLICATIONSTo be considered for the program, students must complete a Student Ambassador application and submit the materials to the Admissions Office. Prospective Student Ambassadors go through an interview process before being selected. To maintain their position in the program, Student Ambassadors must maintain at least an overall 2.0 grade-point average.

Ambassadors will be trained, and have regular meetings.