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    It's more than four years. It's forever!

    De La Salle Collegiate is a renowned Lasallian Catholic college preparatory school helping form exceptional young men who are centered on education, respect, faith, and inclusivity to positively challenge and impact one another, the greater community, and the future.

    Math. Science. Faith. Discipline.
    Here, we believe greatness is not a moment. It is an everyday commitment. Here, we help each other find the path. And stay on it. That’s more than an education. That’s a Lasallian education.

    Academics. Athletics. Arts. Service.
    Here, we believe that education is more than building oneself. It’s also about preparing to help others. We build the individual. We build our community. And we build our future. That’s more than an education. That’s a Lasallian education.

    Rigor. Creativity. Expression. Brotherhood.
    Here we believe in potential. Of ourselves, and of one another. It's a community, created to  help the potential of the whole, and of the one.

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