A call to action

A call to action. 

This was the plea from Dr. Charles Lucas, ‘55, to each member at the inaugural Pilot Medical Association meeting at the Caucus Club in downtown Detroit, on Nov. 14. 

The Pilot Medical Association is the third professional network established by the De La Salle Collegiate Alumni Association. It joins the Pilot Bar and Pilot Business Association as professional networking opportunities for alumni in each respective field to reconnect with De La Salle, network with one another, as well as identify and establish ways they can assist students currently attending De La Salle. All alumni in the medical field are welcome to be a part of the association. Currently, the group consists of numerous doctors, psychologists, chiropractors, dentists, amongst numerous other specialties. Planning for the Pilot Medical Association began in the spring of 2018. A committee of De La Salle medical professionals met several times crafting the vision and purpose of this network. This planning all came to the forefront for the inaugural meeting. 

Dr. Lucas, the keynote speaker, commanded the room asking each Pilot how they could connect with current students at the school who could potentially be interested in a career in the medical field. The alumni in attendance all developed ideas of how they could become involved and give back to the De La Salle community. 

“I believe that the function turned out quite well and hopefully will produce the objectives that we all want for our De La Salle students who are interested in the medical field,” Dr. Lucas commented following the inaugural meeting. “All of us want to help, but we just need to identify how each of us can help."

Twenty-seven alumni and friends attended the meeting, including several staff members from De La Salle.

It was a great first step in laying the foundation for this professional network. 

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