We're inviting all De La Salle Collegiate alumni to create testimonials!

We would be greatly honored if you would take the time to video record a brief testimonial that we can use during our upcoming Bridge the Gap online fundraising campaign, June 8-12.

We’re not looking for a cinematic masterpiece. Just a few 2-3 minutes describing your thoughts about specific aspects and experiences you had as a student or parent at De La Salle Collegiate. Positive, uplifting, inspiring stories and testimonials are De La Salle’s x-factor with prospective families, who care what you as alumni have to say about your alma mater.

All you have to do is simply video record your testimonial on a mobile device, phone or camera, and email the video file to Also, if you are able to do this by June 1, that would be awesome. 

Click the video link below for tip on recording your video testimonial.

Testimonial Quick Tips

PS: We hope that you will check out our Bridge the Gap event on the school website, June 8-12. The program will begin each night at 7:30 p.m. website at 7:30 p.m. It will be fun, inspirational, and affirming!