For De La Salle Collegiate students who are interested in the possibility of playing intercollegiate athletics at a National Collegiate Athletic Association member institution, it is critical to follow the appropriate steps to ensure initial eligibility. While the De La Salle coaching staff and Athletic Department will assist you in the recruiting process, families are encouraged to speak with their De La Salle counselor to ensure their son is on the right track toward initial eligibility. For more information on eligibility center registration, contact the De La Salle Counseling Department.


NCAA Initial Eligibility Resources

Why Do I Need to Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

In order to be eligible to play NCAA sports at a Division I or II school, you must meet certain academic and amateurism requirements. To have your academic and amateurism evaluations completed, setting up a Certification Account with the NCAA Eligibility Center is required. If you are not sure if you will play at an NCAA Division I or II institution, or you are planning to play at a Division III institution, you may set up a free Profile Account, which can be transitioned to a Certification Account at a later date if needed. To register for a Certification Account or to create a free Profile Page, click here.

When should I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

We recommend that you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center no later than the beginning of your sophomore year in high school. This should allow sufficient time to be sure you are on track to graduate on time and meet the NCAA's required initial-eligibility standards.

What do I need in order to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

1. A valid email address. (Best practice is to use an email address that remains accessible after graduating from high school.) On, click on Create an Account, enter your email address, then click Send. This requests the system to send you an email with registration instructions, which will include a verification code and a link to the website. When you receive the email, click the link to be directed to a secure webpage that asks for the verification code included in the email. Once entered, you will be able to continue the registration process, including creating a password, which must be between 6-12 characters and a combination of letters and numbers.

2. Your education history, from age 11 onward.
3. Your sports participation history, from age 14 onward. For further information, review our Registration Checklist.

I want to play a sport at an NCAA Division III school; do I need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

Prospective student-athletes who plan to compete at an NCAA Division I or II institution must register with a Certification Account in order to determine if they are eligible. NCAA Division III schools set their own admissions and eligibility standards, so if you are attending a Division III school you are not required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. However, you can create a free Profile Page that will provide you with an NCAA ID number and important reminders during high school. Some Division III schools may ask you to create a Profile Page for record-keeping purposes. You can transition your Profile Page to a Certification Account at any time if you decide to play a Division I or II sport. Visit the NCAA Division III website or contact the Division III school you are planning to attend for more information.