Banking Students Qualify for State Finals

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Congratulations to our Mr. Dennis Koch’s Banking students! DLS is sending two teams to the April 25 State Finals of the Personal Finance Challenge. The event is at the Federal Reserve Bank – Detroit Branch. The event kicks off the 2016 Money Smart Week.

Across the state, 749 students competed in the first phase, an online test. From that testing the 25 top-scoring teams have been invited to participate in the state finals. DLS is sending one regional winning team and one at-large team. There are 8 regional finalists, and 18 at-large teams.

Our winning team consists of Michael Kostuch, Jack Kucharczyk, Gabe Harris, and David Jimenez.  

Our at-large team consists of John Dubay, Joe Hallman, Andrew Marchetti, and Justin Pauken. 

All the students are members of the Class of 2016.

At the state finals, students compete individually and then as a team in three rounds of multiple choice questions in order to advance to the quiz bowl portion of the competition.

  • Round 1 Earning Income & Protecting and Insuring
  • Round 2 Using Credit & Buying Goods and Services
  • Round 3 Saving & Financial Investing

Students are able to prepare for the event using several online sites such as this one:

The event is sponsored by the Michigan Council on Economic Education.

The Banking Class is taught by Mr. Dennis Koch, assisted by Mrs. Aarran Meier, who is the manager of the Christian Financial Credit Union (CFCU) branch, The Union, at DLS. CFCU sponsors the entire Banking program.

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