Cavataio takes center stage at leadership conference

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DETROIT, Mich. — Some students want to play football, some want to play soccer, some want to be in the band.  

Gianluca Cavataio does not want any of that; he wants to rule the world.

As a future business leader, he’s off to a pretty good start, having chosen the perfect forum to broadcast his message.

Cavataio, a senior at De La Salle Collegiate, is an alumnus of the Career Readiness Academy (CRA) program, designed to mentor students through interactive meetings with guest speakers and lecturers at conferences and at Detroit area high schools. He was invited to give testimony in front of 350 members of the Detroit Economic Club’s annual Young Leader Conference, held at the MGM Grand Detroit on Sept. 27.. 

“After attending the CRA program, I was inspired to develop my very own digital and online media marketing firm called Defined Marketing,” Cavataio said. “I am fortunate enough to be surrounded with so many extraordinary friends with a variety of talents in art, photography, and web design.” 

Senior Gianluca Cavataio speaks in front of the Detroit Economic Club on Sept. 27. (Photo by Dennis Koch)

Cavatiao works at a branch of Christian Financial Credit Union, and is an excellent business student who plans to study international business at the University of Loyola in Chicago next fall.

The CRA was led by Cristina Kelliher, who described the CRA as a journey. 

“It allows students to explore what opportunities are available to them so they can make well- informed decisions throughout high school and college,” she said. “Gianluca Cavataio’s CRA journey led him to an exciting opportunity when he joined fellow alumni at the fifth annual Young Leader Conference and presented to top business professionals about their journey.”

The Detroit Economic Club opened in 1934 with the intent to bring together business leaders and political leaders to discuss current topics in today’s society. 

Five years ago, the DEC began the CRA program, which, Cavataio said, “motivated me to not only seize the opportunities that I am given, but also motivated me to create new opportunities for myself. It was also very influential in developing my confidence and networking abilities while also providing insight into other professions that I may not have considered before.

“I wanted to give my friends this opportunity to utilize their skills and be rewarded for it. Without the CRA program, I would not have learned so many valuable lessons that have helped so immensely along the way, especially in starting my own business.”

Cavataio might have a been a pretty good football player, maybe even good at soccer or the band, too. I think we can all bet that he’ll be a pretty good business leader.


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