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Parking Pass Registration Form

example: Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet​
example: Fusion, MKC, Durango, Equinox​​


● The annual fee to purchase a parking pass is $50; the fee for half a school year is $25. This year there will be no assigned parking spots. There will be a designated area for students to park which will be separate from Faculty/Staff parking. There will also be a designated area for seniors ONLY (seniors will have white tags, all others will have gold).

● Parking tags must be displayed in the front window at all times. Please hang the parking tag on the rearview mirror with the number facing outside.

● There will be NO fighting over parking spots.

● Students must adhere to all Michigan driving laws.

● The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 MPH. No speeding is allowed.

● Vehicles should be locked when parked in the school parking lot. The school is not responsible for damage or lost items in a vehicle while parked in the school lot, and students are encouraged not to leave valuables openly displayed in their vehicles.

● Students are not allowed to go to their vehicles or any other vehicles during the school day without permission from the administration.

● Students who remain at school after classes are finished are still bound by the school regulations concerning automobiles - loitering or driving around the property is not allowed.

● Consequences are as follows: First offense: Warning. Second offense: Lose your privilege to park in De La Salle lot for a week. Third offense: Parent meeting. Fourth offense: Indefinitely lose parking privilege in De La Salle parking lot.

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