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Detroit's Channel 7 is at De La Salle to interview students.
A De La Salle student speaks with a guest in the gym.
DLS Communications

De La Salle is seeking a host family for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. A sound and stable host family is a key success to our program. Part of our commitment to our partnership students and their parents is to help provide them with a good home.

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DLS Communications

As a Catholic high school graduate, you have a desire to seek wisdom and truth, the discipline to become self-learners, the capacity to recognize ethical and moral grounding for behavior, and the responsibility to transform and enrich the world with the light of Christ’s Gospel.

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A woman holds up a sign that reads: Everybody vs. Racism during a rally.
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The human indignity and indecency we’ve witnessed recently against the black community are both appalling and deplorable. Our hearts are heavy and our souls are weeping during this dark moment in our nation’s history.

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