Academic Spotlight: Minseok Bae

Congratulations to senior Minseok Bae, who has been accepted to Stanford University, which has a 3 - 4% acceptance rate. 

A highly accomplished student during his four years at De La Salle, Min also received acceptances from Vanderbilt and the University of Michigan. 

Min decided to apply to Stanford because of its philosophy on how to use technology and innovation for good. 

He plans to major in Science, Technology, and Society, and notes Stanford’s academic vitality, and its proximity to “Silicon Valley” as well as the myriad of resources and opportunities for internships. 

Min originally applied in the Fall of 2021, in the “Early Decision” phase of the admissions process, but was deferred and asked to provide additional information as part of his application. 

In his acceptance letter, the Stanford Admissions Office wrote, “Everyone who reviewed your application was inspired by your passion, determination, accomplishments, and heart. You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus - a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.”
Min, who is from Seoul, South Korea, initially learned English in seventh grade, and struggled with the language during his freshman year. “I used to record things, and then go home (to my host family) and listen, and translate into Korean.” Min says he has gotten beyond hearing something in English, mentally translating into Korean, and then translating a response into English. “I even dream in English now.” 

While at DLS, Min has been a heavily involved student, and served as the Secretary of the Student Council his senior year. He is a member of the National Honor Society, as well as active in the SAVE (Students Against Vandalizing the Environment) Club. His efforts helped DLS win “Emerald School” status.

A proficient math student, Min was in the top 50 students in Michigan, as a sophomore, in the annual Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition. He has earned distinction as one of the top 1% in the nation in the American Mathematics Competition.

Min also holds the distinction of being one of less than 50 people in the United States who are platinum qualified in the International Coding Olympiad. He has learned to program in C++, Java, and HTML, and also taught himself Python, a newer computer language. 

He has taken numerous Advanced Placement (AP) courses throughout his four years, including Calculus, Physics, Microeconomics, and Computer Science. He is currently enrolled in four AP classes: Chemistry, Literature, Human Geography, and Statistics. 

Min’s Korean family has long valued education. His grandparents lived in a poor rural region, and sent Min’s father to Seoul for high school for better educational opportunities. In turn, Min’s father encouraged him to attend high school in the United States. “At first, I was hesitant, “ Min said. “But I wanted to give myself a challenge by placing myself out of my comfort zone.”
Min cites several teachers with whom he has developed relationships during his high school years, including Mr. Joe Novak, Mr. Dave Kirck, Mr. Chris Dean, Mr. Anthony Albani, and Mrs. Vicki Granger - who strongly encouraged him to consider Stanford. 

Outside of school, Min created a non-profit organization during COVID-19 called Good Zeneration, to connect students, “Generation Z,” willing to give back to those in their community in need. 

He is currently exploring starting a meal kit business, and a college consulting business. 

“I want to become an entrepreneur who can make a difference with the power of technology and innovation. Stanford is one of the most entrepreneurial schools in the world.”

Academic Spotlight: Minseok Bae
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