Advanced Placement Exam Scores Increase

The 2022 Advanced Placement Exams, testing students in 16 subject areas, have yielded promising results. While 190 students took 360 exams, 96 students (51%) scored a 3+ or higher; the exams are scored on a 5-point scale, with a 5 being the highest score possible. 

The 96 students represent the highest number of DLS students receiving a 3+ in the last five years, despite a pandemic and fewer students.. 
Four new courses were tested for the first time: English Language/Comp (last taught in 2003-2004), Environmental Science, Psychology, and Statistics; 43 students enrolled in those courses received a 3 or higher.
For the 12 existing AP courses, 10 showed a rate of improvement over 2020-2021. Six of these courses showed a rate of improvement of a third of a point to a full point. On a five-point scale, that's an accomplishment. 
The 12 existing courses include: 

  • Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science
  • Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • English Literature and Composition, Spanish
  • Microeconomics, U.S. History, Government, Human Geography

Mr.  Brent Castine's AP Human Geography class had the highest AP scores in the building for the third year in a row, with an average score of 4.17.
Two students, Mason Collins and George Gardey, current seniors, tested particularly well. Collins scored 5’s on all three of his Advanced Placement exams: Calculus AB, Environmental Science, and Microeconomics. Gardey took six AP exams and had four 5’s. 

Advanced Placement Exam Scores Increase
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