An Important Announcement From De La Salle Collegiate

Dear De La Salle Collegiate Family,

As cases of COVID-19 continue to surge across the state of Michigan and the entire U.S., we want to assure you that the health and safety of our students and staff are our top priorities.

The State Health Department has issued a new order in an effort to combat the rising number of positive COVID-19 cases. Based on this order, De La Salle Collegiate will transition to virtual learning, effective tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 16. Students will be expected to log into Google Classroom for all classes. Attendance will be taken at each assigned class time. Please see the virtual learning information below.

Also, we were scheduled to have a day off instruction this upcoming Friday, Nov. 20. We have changed that to an instructional day and students will be expected to be “in class.” If a student has an issue with being “in class” on Friday, please let the school know as soon as possible.

This virus has caused many new challenges and all are affected. The staff has prepared for this situation and will provide a quality educational experience for all students. There may be a hiccup or two as we press forward and we will work diligently to address any challenges. If your son is struggling with anything, the counseling department is always available to help.

Thank you for your continued confidence in us and the support of the faculty and staff. We are planning on being back to in-person classes Wednesday, Dec. 9, and will keep everyone updated as more information is available. This is a new environment for everyone. Please keep in-touch via our website and social media pages. Please stay safe.


De La Salle Collegiate Virtual Days


  • We will follow our normal Purple/Gold day schedules. All classes will be conducted through Google Meets.
  • Virtual Days will begin on Monday, Nov. 16 at 8:00 a.m. with a GOLD DAY schedule. We will have school on Friday, Nov. 20, and it will be a GOLD DAY.


  • Attendance is required for all students at the time classes are scheduled. This means that students would all be on a teacher’s Google Meet at the designated time with their cameras on and students are visible. At this time, we are not requiring students to be in dress code.
  • If a student is ill or unable to participate remotely, a parent/guardian would still need to call the attendance line or email ( to confirm absence as normal to be considered “excused.”
  • Students who are absent will still be responsible for missing assignments or classwork the next period the class meets. Exceptions to this may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students who are not on time for the start of class will be marked and considered tardy.
  • Absences or tardies not verified will be considered unexcused.
  • If your family or child is impacted by power outages due to high winds today, please call or email the attendance line.


  • 80-minute class periods will be conducted per usual with Purple & Gold schedules. At least 40 of those minutes will involve direct instruction, but be prepared that it may be longer. The remaining time may be used for supplementary videos, collaboration, individual/group tutoring or office hours.
  • Some classes may be using Screencastify or recorded lessons in addition to Google Meets for classroom instruction.
  • SAIL is still scheduled and required. All sessions will be conducted virtually.


  • All teachers and the Counseling Office are available and accessible daily between 8 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.
  • Gold Day Period 8 tutoring sessions in individual subject areas will still be available virtually.
  • Advisory period is not required at this time, but it is not discouraged should advisory teachers want to attempt virtual connections. Your specific advisory teacher will reach out to you with more information, if applicable.
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