25th Annual Jeopardy Tournament Now Underway

And the answer is: What is 25 years? 

De La Salle Collegiate’s Annual Student Jeopardy Tournament is underway! 

Led by faculty member Thaier Mukhtar, who initiated the popular after-school activity in 1998, the after-school competition pits students in two divisions, competing for top prizes in the final round. 

Mukhtar said 70 four-man teams - a total of 280 students - are now competing daily in the first round, which lasts through the first week of February, depending on any weather conditions that could close school. 

Students compete in either the freshmen-sophomore or junior-senior division for top prizes such as prom tickets or referred parking spots, as well as professional sports ticket packages.

Mukhtar said that alumnus Jeff Fratercangeli, ‘91, has offered Tiger tickets, while DLS President Larry Rancilio, ‘86, has offered Michigan football tickets. 

The two top freshmen and two top sophomore teams championship is February 15, while the upper-division faces off February 17. 

The faculty and staff have also been involved with the tournament for the last ten years, and five teams will compete in a one-day competition on February 16. 


25th Annual Jeopardy Tournament Now Underway
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