AutoPIlots Earn Creativity Award at Season’s First Competition

Congratulations to the DLS Robotics team, the AutoPIlots, for a successful weekend at its first of two competitions this spring, held at Stoney Creek High School on March 11-12, 2022. 
Although eliminated in the semi-finals, the team earned the Creativity Award for the design of its robot. 
Coach Mr. Robert Black said the award was for the design of the intake and the detachable hook used to hang the robot at the end of matches. 
“Our drive team/pit crew performed above expectations,” Mr. Black said. “And our scouting/cheering section was loud and energetic.”
The team’s next district event is April 1-2 at the South Campus of Macomb Community College in Warren. 
“Come out and support the team, and see what these boys have worked so hard for over the past eight weeks,” Mr. Black said. 
Parent team mentors include Mr. Brian Chomicz, DLS ‘88 (father of David Chomicz), and Mr. Ed Johnstone (father of Ethan Johnstone). Mr. Ryan Hensley, DLS ‘21 is also mentoring, along with Mr. Cory Ness and Mr. Pietro Pellerito. 
Team 7762 sends a big thank you to all the parents who provided food and helped cheer the team on this weekend. 
The DLS Robotics team also thanks Macomb Stairs, Suburban Bolt, and Cross the Road Electronics (CTR) for their support. 

Team members include

Aiden Abraham (2024)
Ethan Arun  (2022)
Sam Bickley (2023)
David Chomicz  (2022)
Joshua Cichorack (2023)i
Pierce Dudek  (2022)
Andrew England  (2024)
Jack Green (2023)
Brendan Goeddeke  (2024)
Ethan Johnstone (2023)
Tyler Meerschaert  (2024)
Quinten Porter (2022)
Robert Reeves (2025)
Charlie Shick  (2024)
Stephen Spicuzzi  (2024)
Peter Wotta  (2022)


AutoPIlots Earn Creativity Award at Season’s First Competition
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