Brillati Family Honored at 2022 Christian Brothers' Dinner Kickoff Party

Humble: the one word capable of capturing the very essence of the Brillati family, this year's recipient of the John C. Monigold Christian Brothers’ Dinner Honoree award.

The family, including Paul Brillati, ‘90, Mike Brillati, ‘93, and Steve Brillati, ‘93, was honored at the 2022 Christian Brothers' Dinner Honoree Kickoff Party on Thursday, March 31, at Jimmy John's Field. 

"We would like to thank the Christian Brothers and the committee for this honor.  We will continue to live our lives in service and gratitude for the values and brotherhood that De La Salle has instilled in us. We are forever grateful to walk through life with the De La Salle community," Paul Brillati said, on behalf of the Brillati family.

The kickoff party was a night comprised of De La Salle Collegiate faculty and staff, plus family and friends of the Brillatis, coming together to celebrate the family. 

Paul, Mike, and Steve have each positively contributed to De La Salle in so many different ways over the years, all in an effort to better the school that helped mold them into exemplary husbands, fathers, and professionals. 

For the last three-plus decades, the family, including Len Brillati, the late father of Paul, Mike, and Steve, has been giving of its time, talent, and treasure. 

It has given financially, including on a consistent basis to the school’s tuition assistance fund for students in need.  

Additionally, the entire family has volunteered its time throughout the years, via involvement in a variety of committees, organizations, and athletics-based events.

Despite the expansive list of contributions the Brillatis have made to De La Salle, they’ve never asked for anything back. They have, in fact, been the "epitome of humility," according to Alumni Relations Director Dennis Koch, ‘94.

"The Brillatis have helped shape De La Salle into the special place that it is today," Koch said. "Yet, throughout the years, Paul, Mike, and Steve have remained as humble as anyone I've met in my life. They represent the very best of De La Salle, and I'm so happy that the family, as a whole, has been chosen as this year's Christian Brothers' Dinner Honoree." 

Paul, Mike, and Steve are the definition of Lasallian men that have carried themselves selflessly in their adult lives, both privately and publicly. De La Salle is proud to call each of them Pilots for life. 

You can continue to celebrate the family at the 41st Annual Christian Brothers' Dinner, being held Wednesday, June 1, at Jimmy John's Field. You can buy tickets and sponsorships today by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the dinner, please contact Dennis Koch at

Brillati Family Honored at 2022 Christian Brothers' Dinner Kickoff Party