Business Club Welcomes Alumni

The DLS Business Club, led by new faculty member Mrs. Sandra Coccimiglio, welcomed alumnus Mark Wisniewski, Class of ‘83, at a recent meeting. 

Wisniewski spoke about the rewards and challenges of being the CEO of Kitch, a leading law practice. 

He also spoke about what he gained from his DLS experience.

“After graduation, your friends will go off to different colleges, and after graduating from college or graduate school, they will enter the business world,” Wisniewski said. “You will always have that Brotherhood that if you need help, you can turn to your De La Salle Brothers for help or they can turn to you. The Brotherhood is forever.”

Wisniewski is not the only speaker addressing business students during the past few weeks. 

Ashley Geddes, former manager of the DLS CFCU branch, spoke with the Honors Banking class about the different characteristics of U.S. paper money, savings accounts, and interest rates. 

De La Salle has had a long relationship with Christian Financial Credit Union (CFCU), and even though the CFCU branch at DLS is now closed, CFCU continues to support DLS students in numerous ways. Students in the Honors Banking class train at CFCU during the summer, and some continue to work there; many alumni are also employed at CFCU during their college breaks and holidays. 

The DLS Business Club, open to all students, welcomed Martin Lavelle from the Detroit Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. Lavelle’s responsibilities include economic research, education, and outreach. He teaches managerial economics at the University of Michigan Dearborn. 

The DLS Business Club also welcomed Zachary Giannetti,'15, from Zachary Viktor, LLC, Renovations, Construction & Design. Giannetti was a DECA finalist and is now a successful business owner. He spoke about his experience at DLS and representing DLS at DECA, his experience on Wall Street before returning to Michigan to start his own business, and starting and growing a local business. 

The DLS Business Club now includes the popular Stock Market Club and students who participate in DECA competitions (Distributive Education Clubs of America). 

The Stock Market Club officially began its competition on November 8.  They use this website,

Coccimiglio says the group is meeting regularly, prepping for the December DECA online test which qualifies students for the January 7 regional competition at Lake Orion High School. That competition will determine the qualifiers for the March statewide competition held in Detroit. 

Business Club Welcomes Alumni
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