Career Day Brings Alumni Back to Class

Over 50 alumni and other friends of De La Salle Collegiate participated in the 2022 Career Day on Wednesday, January 12, sharing information about their chosen professions.

Organized by DLS Alumni Director Dennis Koch, the speakers were assigned to various rooms, while students followed their class schedules.

While the majority of the speakers were in-person, nearly 20 alumni met with students virtually using the school’s Google Meet technology. Alumnus Jason Trombley, '94, drove in from Chicago, while Anthony Assad, '07, flew in from New York City. 

Mark Wisniewski, ‘83, was a first-time presenter.

“Career Day gives alumni the opportunity to return to the school and see all the great things going on,” Wisniewski said. “I actually had a chance to see a fellow 1983 graduate I haven’t seen since our high school graduation.”

Wisniewski covered a variety of topics in his presentation, talking about college decisions and a student’s desired occupation. 

“It makes sense to go to a local law school if you want to practice law in Michigan.” 

Wisniewski also stressed the importance of networking and an accurate resume.

He also told students, “Make sure you balance your family and work life. Make sure you like your job. And it’s okay to switch majors in college. Keep your options open.” 

Dr. Jeff Fisher, ‘96, another first-timer, talked with students about his experiences attending the University of Michigan, and then medical school at Loyola (Chicago). Dr. Fisher has a general practice in Warren. 

Jim Muer, ‘85, a construction project manager, urged students “to recognize the options available to them.”

Muer noted that when he started college at Michigan State University, he struggled in business classes before discovering the construction management program. 

While Jim Vollmer, ‘11, holds a degree in accounting and an MBA from the University of Detroit Mercy, he is a civilian employee of the U.S. Army. “I decided the auto industry wasn’t for me, and neither was investment management. I’m here today to stress with students that there are options.” 

Vollmer further noted government programs such as Teach for America and Build for America that allow students to eliminate some of their college tuition loans. 

Aaron Schmid, ‘94, Deputy Chief of the Clinton Township Fire Department, represented yet another profession that many DLS alumni have followed. Schmid originally began college at Oakland University, and soon joined the Detroit Fire Department; he has been in Clinton for 23 years. 

“It’s good to come back and talk with students about the different career paths and options they have.” 

Some speakers teamed up, such as realtors Anthony Rubino, ‘01, and Louis Ciotti, ‘00. Both commented about giving back and providing a “different voice” for students. 

“We’re out here in the real world,” Rubino said. “And I think we can relate to students in a way that their teachers can’t.” 

Students appreciated the opportunity to meet alumni and learn about other options. 

Senior Anthony Youngblood listened to Gino Tozzi, ‘99, who turned to real estate after a lengthy career in college education. “Mr. Tozzi talked about the value of earning your license and doing real estate as a part or full-time job. I hadn’t thought about this at all, and am definitely going to keep this in mind as a potential side job.”

Senior Abishek Nirmal-Kumar plans to go into law, and has been considering philosophy as an undergraduate major. But after listening to Jim Vollmer, Abishek is now thinking about an economics major.  

Participants included

Katherine Alarcon, Friend of De La Salle 
Ben Aloia, ‘91
Donovan Asmar, ‘06
Anthony Assad, ‘07
Brian Belloli, ‘92 
Joseph Bricio, ‘58
Anthony (Tony) Catullo, ‘59
Brian Chomicz,’88
Louis J. Ciotti, ‘00
Jonathan D’Angelo, ‘00
Robert Deputat, ‘63
Bryan Earl, ‘95
Christopher Fett, ‘90
Dr. Jeffrey Fisher, ‘96
Chris Goeddeke, ‘86
Jeff Graus, ‘95
Steve Graus, ‘74
Joseph Hallman, ‘88
Steven Hug, ‘71
Steve Hunyadi, ‘83
Keith Jablonski, ‘92
David Jansen, ‘90
Ryan Jelalian, ‘12
Jon Kovalcik, ‘94
Keith Kowalski, ‘78
Chuck (Kaye) Kukawka, ‘80
Thomas Kwiatkowski, ‘12
Thomas Landa, ‘87
Anthony Lodato, ‘95
Dr. Charles Lucas, ‘55
Peter Lucido, ‘78 
Peter Lucido III, ‘00
Andrew Makar, ‘92
John Mehall, ‘11
Jim Muer, ‘85
Justin Nabarrette, Friend of De La Salle 
John Plotzke V, ‘09
Brian Popis, ‘11
Dave Purrenhage, ‘85
Kevin Reese, ‘87
Anthony Rubino, ‘01
Alan Rudzewicz, ‘69 
Anthony Sabatella, ‘07
Vittorio Sbrocca, ‘13 
Aaron Schmid, ‘94
Michael Smigiel, ‘15
Parrish Spisz, ‘85 
Rick Stanza, ‘93
Mike Tamulevich, ‘93
Gino Tozzi, Jr., ‘99
Jason Trombley, ‘94
James (Jim) Vollmer, ‘11
Dr. Peter Watson, ‘90
David White, ‘88
Dr. Francis Wilson, ‘48
Mark Wisniewski, ‘83


Career Day Brings Alumni Back to Class
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