Career Readiness Program Aids Seniors

In partnership with Emerge Consulting, several De La Salle Collegiate seniors recently completed the “Career Readiness” program. 

Consisting of four classes, offered in one-hour sessions after school, the program helps students prepare to navigate the networking, interviewing, and personal branding necessary for college admissions, and future internships and jobs. 

Counselor Jon Hickey said the program is a good supplement to what the DLS Counselors are already doing.

“We concentrate primarily on college applications and the skills and courses needed for college,” Hickey said. “But with internships becoming more and more available to underclassmen in college, a course like this is helpful to make sure our graduates are able to compete for the best internships in their chosen fields.” 

Theresa Hickey, Director of Early Talent with Emerge Consulting, says there is a war for talent in today’s economy. “Students need to find a way to separate themselves from the competition. The earlier a student can develop these skills, the more confident they’ll be when seeking out that first internship or job.”

Michael Smigiel, '15, provided a generous donation to cover the program's costs. 

Dennis Koch, ‘94, Director of Alumni Relations, is pleased to have Smigiel’s support. “Michael is excited to give back to his alma mater. He attributes his DLS foundation for giving him the springboard to be successful.” Smigiel lives in Chicago and works for William Blair, a global investment banking firm. Read more 

Jon Hickey says the program will be offered again next year. "We wanted to include juniors this year, but with COVID restrictions in place, we went with just the seniors. In the future, we intend this to be a program for both grade levels."


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