Checkmate! Senior Brings Chess Back to DLS

One of the world’s oldest games has captivated De La Salle Collegiate students over the past few months, as senior Amadeo Marzorati brought back chess to the student body. 

Over 70 students have been playing the game during lunchtime and also after school several days a week. 

Principal Brother Ken Kalinowski said Amadeo approached him in February, asking if he could try to put the club together. 

“This shows great initiative, especially from a second-semester senior,” said Brother Ken.

He added, “I said if you get the boys, DLS will pay for the boards. We even had alumni donate some. Chess appeals to a wide range of students.”

Marzorati, who taught himself chess in February 2023 at the online site, loves the game and enjoys the competition. 

“Chess teaches you to put down all your problems, and respect your opponent,” he said. 

Marzorati plans to study psychology in college, and possibly pursue a doctorate.

In 2019, he was reluctant to attend De La Salle, preferring to stay in the Utica Community Schools where he was attending Shelby Junior High. 

“Initially, I thought I wanted to stay in my public school,” Marzorati said. “But I’ve developed so many friendships with my Pilot brothers over my four years.” 

DLS Business teacher Mrs. Sandra Coccimiglio said, “Amadeo is a thoughtful, caring, and driven student. I know he will do great things with whatever he sets his mind to.” 


Checkmate! Senior Brings Chess Back to DLS
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