Class of 2022 Shows Their College Colors

Members of the Class of 2022 celebrated “College Colors Day” at De La Salle Collegiate this morning, wearing sweatshirts, hats, and T-shirts representing the next phase of their education. 

The Class of 2022 will be heading out to several colleges and universities in Michigan, as well as outstate schools including Stanford, Princeton, and Pepperdine. 

Other top-tier schools where students have been accepted include Alabama, Loyola, Purdue, Valparaiso, Vanderbilt, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Through April 6, 2022, Counselor Mr. Tony Albani reported that the total scholarship offers totaled over $16,250,000. 

“More offers are coming in every day, and we need seniors and their parents to let us know of their acceptances, scholarships, and where they intend to go next fall,” said Albani. 

With multiple offers, many students are still finalizing their decisions, weighing factors such as intended majors and scholarship offers, as well as their own personal financial commitment.  

By May 1, students are expected to finalize their decisions and notify colleges, according to, an online service that schools use to transfer seniors’ transcripts to their intended colleges. 


Class of 2022 Shows Their College Colors
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