De La Salle Collegiate Launches New Mobile App

In an effort to help streamline communications for the upcoming school year, De La Salle Collegiate has launched a new Mobile App. The app will allow quick access to important news, announcements, calendars, and events. You can download the app Find the De La Salle App on GOOGLE PLAY or the APP STORE.

“People have an app for everything nowadays,” said Marketing and Communications Director Kevin Fitzhenry, ‘03. “We bank, order groceries, and purchase clothing all on apps. Apps have come very far in terms of awareness, and since the pandemic, people have turned to apps even more. We really wanted to put our information at everyone’s fingertips.”

Through the mobile app, students, parents, and alumni can access school news, events, calendars, the staff directory, and set up notifications and alerts. The app also allows for personalization: users can turn sections on or off depending on their needs. Families can display only the content that matters to them. 

“With our mobile app, parents can set filters to see all of the content they want from the school and activities they are associated with., ‘ said DLS IT Director Sheryl Anderson. “Now, they can see everything in one place very easily.”

The app is a one-stop-shop of information,” said Fitzhenry. “Now, If a parent changes their email address or phone number or accidentally unsubscribes from our email list, they are left out of important communications that typically are sent via email."

“When these situations happen, we have parents asking us how can they catch up on content they’ve missed?” Anderson said. “Instead of scrolling through their emails or on our website, they can just go to Posts and filter by the schools they want information about.”

De La Salle Collegiate Launches New Mobile App
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