Distance Learning Weekly, Issue 1

The safety of our students, teachers, and staff is our highest priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and are aware that COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Macomb County. The following news and notes compiled by the school’s faculty and staff are intended to keep parents up-to-date about our distance-learning efforts during this global crisis.

ONLINE LEARNING BEGINS: Today is the first day of our distance learning program. Please check in with your son to remind him to check his school email for the day’s lessons. He has received an invitation from each of his teachers/classes. Click here for specific details on the distance learning program at De La Salle Collegiate.

COMMUNICATION: If there are any issues with Google Classroom for your son, please reach out immediately to his teachers via email. The counseling staff (Tony Albani and Jonathan Hickey) is also ready and available to continue to advocate for your son in his academic pursuits. For technology issues, please reach out to Dennis Parks or Sheryl Anderson.

TECHNOLOGY HELPER: For your sons, here is a link to some shortcuts and tips for using their Chromebooks during this time of distance learning.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATES/RESOURCES: We will continue to monitor and communicate information and updates as the situation progresses. Check this link for school updates to events and testing, healthy living best practices, and counseling resources.

REMEMBER TO DO THE FIVE: 1. HANDS - Wash them often; 2. ELBOW - Cough into it; 3. FACE - Don't touch it; 4. SPACE - Keep safe distance; and 5. HOME - Stay if you can.

MAKING THE GRADE: Report cards for the third marking period were released last Friday. Check your Infinite Campus app for your son’s updated grades.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT: College Board has released updates for AP testing. Please see this link. If you have questions please reach out to your AP teacher or Assistant Principal Chris Dean.

SHINOLA WATCHES: De La Salle is one of the first high schools in America to partner with Shinola. Their watches are a great gift for graduation, Father’s Day, birthdays, and more. Visit The Pilot Hangar to place an order now through March 31. 

SENIOR GRADUATION LAWN SIGN: The Pilot Hangar is still taking pre-order, online sales for the Class of 2020 graduation lawn signs. Signs will be delivered in May and are pick-up only.  The last day to pre-order is April 3.

HELPING OUR OWN: Click here let us know if you or an alumnus owns a local restaurant, cafe, or other foodservice establishment seriously suffering due to the temporary government closures and self-isolation efforts from the public. We will share the names and locations so our community can order carryout and curbside service from these establishments. 

Mar. 23: Purple Day
Mar. 24: Gold Day
Mar. 25: Purple Day
Mar. 26: Gold Day
Mar. 27: Purple Day
Mar. 30: Gold Day
Mar. 31: Purple Day
Apr. 1: Gold Day.
Apr. 2: Purple Day
Apri. 3: Gold Day
Apr. 6-8: Raffle Holiday (no school)
Apr. 9: Holy Thursday (no school)
Apr. 10: Good Friday (no school)
Apr. 13-17: Spring Break (no school)
Apr. 20: Return to school
*The calendar is tentative and subject to change. For the complete school calendar click here.
ATHLETICS: All athletic activities have been canceled or indefinitely suspended. For a review of past athletic contests visit the website.

ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES: All events, including campus ministry/christian service, Christian Brothers Auxiliary, and De La Salle Dads Club are indefinitely suspended.