Distance Learning Weekly, Issue 2

The safety of our students, teachers, and staff is our highest priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and are aware that COVID-19 cases have confirmed cases in Macomb County. The following news and notes compiled by the school’s faculty and staff are intended to keep parents up-to-date about our distance learning efforts during this global crisis.
HOME SWEET HOME: For school psychologist Andrew Campbell, distance learning is truly distant. He and his family, including three children under the age of four, are waiting out the pandemic in North Carolina. Read more about Mr. Campbell here.
CHECKING EMAILS: Ensure your son is checking his email several times a day. Students are receiving notifications via Google Classroom on assignment due dates, taking attendance, and meeting notices that are critical to their distance learning success. Students can also install the Gmail app on their phone to receive notifications.

ATTENDANCE: Student attendance is taken every day during distance learning. Your son is expected to submit either an assignment or survey to each teacher by 3 p.m. ET. Each attendance is teacher-class specific. Your son should log in to each Google Classroom to see what is required. He will be marked absent for each class he does not report to. 

TUTORING: Most of the teachers are setting aside time with a Google Meeting during the day for students to obtain tutoring and to ask questions. Your son should check his Google Calendar or reach out to the teacher specifically to find out the times of these meetings. Teachers are always available, but these specific times are a great way for students to get the additional help they need.

FEDERAL MEALS WAIVER: Earlier this month, the Michigan Department of Education requested a federal waiver for schools to continue to provide meals while schools remain closed. Under this waiver, any student aged 18 and under is eligible to receive two meals per day, whether or not that student qualifies for any free or reduced lunch program. To receive the meals please contact your local home school district.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATES/RESOURCES: We will continue to monitor and communicate information and updates as the situation progresses. Check this link for school updates to events and testing, healthy living best practices, and counseling resources.

REMEMBER TO DO THE FIVE: 1. HANDS - Wash them often; 2. ELBOW - Cough into it; 3. FACE - Don't touch it; 4. SPACE - Keep safe distance; and 5. HOME - Stay if you can.

SHINOLA WATCHES: De La Salle is one of the first high schools in America to partner with Shinola. Their watches are a great gift for graduation, Father’s Day, birthdays, and more. Visit The Pilot Hangar to place an order by tomorrow. 

SENIOR GRADUATION LAWN SIGN: The Pilot Hangar is still taking pre-order online sales for the Class of 2020 graduation lawn signs. Signs will be delivered in May and are pick-up only.  The last day to pre-order is this Friday. Pre-order only.

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: As we continue to prepare ourselves for the coming weeks let's remember that God is with us. He is the same God he was three months ago, three years ago and will be forever. … We all realize this is not a normal situation for teachers, students, or parents. There are many stressors and concerning details. Let's be kind to each other because everyone deserves a little grace. Be good to yourself, self-care is so essential, now more than ever. Remember to Pray for strength and peace of mind.

RESOURCES: These articles are good reads when you have some time. Let's all do our part with social distancing. Stay safe and healthy.

Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment
The sadness is real: An open letter to the teachers
You can now download over 300,000 books from the NYPL for free

HELPING OUR OWN: Click here let us know if you or an alumnus owns a local restaurant, cafe, or other foodservice establishments seriously suffering due to the temporary government closures and self-isolation efforts from the public. We will share the names and locations so our community can order carryout and curbside service from these establishments. 

Mar. 30: Gold Day
Mar. 31: Purple Day
Apr. 1: Gold Day.
Apr. 2: Purple Day
Apri. 3: Gold Day
Apr. 6-8: Raffle Holiday (no school)
Apr. 9: Holy Thursday (no school)
Apr. 10: Good Friday (no school)
Apr. 13-17: Spring Break (no school)
Apr. 20: Return to school
*The calendar is tentative and subject to change. For the complete school calendar click here.
ATHLETICS: All athletic activities have been canceled or indefinitely suspended through at least April 12. For a review of past athletic contests visit the website.

ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES: All events, including Campus Ministry/Christian Service, Christian Brothers Auxiliary, and De La Salle Dads Club are indefinitely suspended through at least April 12.


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