DLS SAVE Club Awarded Two Mini-Grants

Congratulations to our DLS SAVE Club and moderator Mrs. Nina Jacks. The Macomb County Green Schools Program recently awarded the group two mini-grants.

The first mini-grant was for a 45-gallon wheeled recycling container. Jacks said the container is currently in the hallway near the Counseling Office. DLS is one of seven high schools that received this grant.

The second grant is a $100 gift card to use for promotions for the Green School Program during the 2024-2025 school year. DLS is the only high school to receive this grant. 

Jacks said the group will meet in August to determine what sort of promotional activity they want to do. 

Earlier this spring, DLS was awarded "Emerald School" status in the 2023-2024 competition. 


DLS SAVE Club Awarded Two Mini-Grants
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