DLS Seeks Host Families for International Students

De La Salle Collegiate is seeking host families for the school’s Foreign Exchange Student Program. 

The Exchange Program began several years ago, with students from Japan, South Korea, China, and Vietnam joining the student body, as well as some students from Mexico and Central America. 

Host families provide a home away from home for the academic school year. Families do receive a monthly stipend.

The parent of one of the DLS staff members has hosted students in the past, said this: "Hosting a foreign exchange student was such a unique and rewarding experience. "Not only did I have the opportunity to play a small part in the life of this young man from Shenzhen, China, I also enjoyed his company and learning about his culture.

Some DLS families have hosted students in the past. 

Brian Kelly, a varsity baseball assistant coach, hosted a Chinese student several years ago. 

“Hosting a student gave my family, especially my three boys, a new perspective,” Kelly said. “It gave them pause to think of things and cultures in a new light, and not to take things for granted.”

Advancement Department member Vicki Granger and her family hosted a German high school student several years ago as part of a summer exchange program.

“While it wasn’t the same as having a student and getting him to school each day, the experience was beneficial for both the student and for my family,” Granger said.

“The student wanted to spend time in the United States, and particularly enjoyed baseball,” Granger said. “His only experience to that point was playing baseball on the computer; almost every night he would stay up to catch live games!” 

Granger and her sons took the student on several day trips, including a visit to Windsor. 

“The student also loved chocolate chip cookies, and I made a batch almost daily. He even bought measuring cups and spoons to take home to duplicate the recipe.” 

Toward the end of the visit, the student became more proficient in English, and “even started to think in English!” Granger said. 

Interested families should contact the DLS Admissions Office at 586.541.6220 or admissions@delasallehs.com for further information. 

DLS Seeks Host Families for International Students
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