DLS Welcomes Brother Lewis Harwood

Welcome to Brother Lewis Harwood from the District of Australia New Zealand Pakistan and Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG).

Brother Lewis Harwood, arrived in Michigan last Friday and is already involved with the students and faculty at De La Salle Collegiate.

Brother Lewis is volunteering at De La Salle and will be working with the Counseling Department as well as assisting with Academic Support efforts. 

He will also begin a year-long program in Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, taking some classes during the spring session, and will be a full-time student during the summer. 

Brother Lewis was already out of college and had begun teaching at one of the Lasallian schools in Sydney, Australia, when he experienced the 2008 World Youth Day - held in Sydney. He met several people in religious life and decided to become a Brother. 

He spent his Novitiate at the Christian Brothers Center in Napa Valley, California. There, in 2010, he first met Brother Ken Kalinowski who was also in his Novitiate years. 

Brother Lewis was born in Dubbo, a country town in New South Wales, northwest of Sydney. His family moved to Sydney in 1990, and he attended a Christian Brothers’ School there. His college years were spent at St. Leo’s, an Irish Christian Brothers’ school in Wahroonga, also in the Sydney area. Brother Lewis notes that the actor Mel Gibson is also an alumnus of both the high school and the college.

Brother Lewis has taught in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia) as well as in Auckland (New Zealand). 

Most recently he was part of the Australian District Council team. 

Brother Lewis visited the United States when Brother Ken made his final vows in 2016 (Brother Lewis made his final vows in 2017) and again in the winter of 2022 when considering post-graduate studies in Theology. 

And, fortunately, for the De La Salle Collegiate family, Brother Lewis accepted the offer to become part of the Brothers’ community and volunteer with the school while pursuing those studies at the seminary.  

“Brother Lewis and I have been good friends for the past 15 years,” said Principal Brother Ken Kalinowski. “While I was in Papua New Guinea, I would spend the Christmas holidays with him and his community in New Zealand or in Australia. We have spent time together with each other’s families, and I know he is looking forward to seeing all things Detroit and touring the West this summer. The De La Salle Brothers’ Community has gotten a shot in the arm with his addition!”

Brother Lewis has already been in the school, meeting students, and working with the Counseling staff as they prepared for the school’s Open House and freshman registration evening on March 12. 

“Thus far, the kids are just amazing,” he said. “They are incredibly respectful.” 

DLS Welcomes Brother Lewis Harwood
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