Eight Pilots Advance to DECA State Competition

Congratulations to our De La Salle Collegiate DECA team, advancing eight students to state competition March 10-12, after district competition January 8 at Lake Orion High School. 

Moderated by faculty member Aarran Meier, the group competed in a variety of categories. 

Those advancing to the state round, in downtown Detroit at Huntington Place (formerly TCF), are five juniors and four seniors. 

The juniors include

  • Martino Kas-Mika -Principles of Business Management 
  • Gabe Jones - Principles of Finance 
  • Calvin Becall and George Gardey-Buying and Merchandising 

The seniors include 

  • Keaton Dean and Luka Zachary - Buying and Merchandising
  • Ethan Arun and Abishek Kumar- Business Ethics 

The alternates include seniors

  • Brady McKay - Business Finance
  • Adrian Shaba- Automotive Marketing
  • Cody Cummins - Principles of Marketing

And juniors 

  • Josh Caldwell - Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Will Wroblewski - Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Derrick Braxton and Roland Hernandez - Travel and Tourism

Seniors Lukas Pietsch and Nick Shimko also participated. 

Abishek Kumar, in his third year of DECA, enjoys the competition, and the added benefits of the activity. 

“DECA teaches you people skills, how to think critically, on the spot, and to act professionally,” Kumar said. 


Eight Pilots Advance to DECA State Competition
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