First Annual Music Competition Set for February 10

The De La Salle Collegiate Music Department is hosting its first-ever Music Competition for 7th and 8th-grade boys on Saturday, February 10. 

Prizes include DLS Tuition Vouchers. 

Participants must present a piece of their choice within 2-5 minutes, excluding setup time, and must submit copies of their selected piece for the judges. 

After the performance, contestants will receive a sight-reading piece. 

Students may also collaborate with a piano accompanist. 

Judges will evaluate performances based on technique and overall presentation; sight-reading ability will also be considered.

For more information and sign-up information, click here

Robert Cornwell, '19, DLS Music teacher, said, "DLS has always put great value on the arts and arts education. We wanted to have this competition to show just how much we believe the arts are important and reward students for their performance."

First Annual Music Competition Set for February 10
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