Goodness is Contagious: Spotlight on the Simon Foundation

Donor Spotlight: The Sam and Nada Simon Foundation

Sam and Nada Simon are ardent supporters of giving back whenever possible. Through their Foundation, they have supported a variety of causes, including the military, local law enforcement, and youth athletics. 

The Simons have also been generous donors to De La Salle Collegiate, impacting many young men’s lives. 

“To give a young person a chance makes a difference in their life and in ours,” says Nada Simon. 

Sam and Nada embody “The American Dream.” Sam came to the United States at age 12 and worked with his father who eventually purchased a gas station. A teenage Sam noticed that gas stations in Southeast Michigan were having a hard time sourcing kerosene. 
Seeing an opportunity, Sam purchased a tanker truck and procured and delivered the kerosene himself. He named his fledgling venture Atlas Oil Company. A few years later, he met Nada, a successful Sales Executive with Ford Motor Company. He convinced her to partner with him in his business, and they ended up as partners in life. At last, Oil grew from two employees and a single truck to an entire fleet that supplies fuel nationwide; Atlas is just one of several successful 
companies housed under Simon Group Holdings. 

“We both recognize that we are very blessed, and want to give back,” Nada said. “Not everyone is as blessed as we are.”

Sam and Nada decided to support De La Salle because of its discipline and values. They currently support junior Michael Perry, a student from Detroit. 

“I’m very happy here,” Michael said. “I’m grateful to the Sam and Nada Simon Foundation for presenting me with the opportunity to get a great high school education, and for taking an interest in helping me succeed after graduation.” 

CLICK HERE to read the Q&A between Michael and the Simon Foundation. 

Nada said, “His education will serve him the rest of his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns around and helps other kids. Goodness can be contagious.”

Advancement Director Greg Esler praises the Simons. “Nada Simon is one of the most generous 
donors we have here at De La Salle. Nada and her husband Sam have impacted so many young men's lives, and also have been exemplary role models to these young men. Their impact on De La Salle will not be forgotten anytime soon.”

Goodness is Contagious: Spotlight on the Simon Foundation