Jolly to be inducted into coaches' national hall
Mike Jolly at the 2018 Christian Brothers Dinner when he was honored as the recipient of the John Monigold Award.

BELLEVILLE, Mich. – The National High School Athletic Coaches Association the professional organization of school coaches and athletic directors, (NHSACA) will induct Mike Jolly of De La Salle Collegiate into its National Hall of Fame.

The induction ceremony will take place July 22, 2020 at the Grand Hall of the Old Train Station at the Haymarket, in Lincoln, Nebraska during the NHSACA annual conference in which over 500 coaches and athletic directors will participate.

Congratulations to Coach Jolly, who coached Pilots lacrosse coach and will be one of the newest inductees into the NHSACA Hall of Fame. The selection and nomination for this award comes from coach’s sport associations and through the Michigan High School Coaches Association.

The NHSACA Hall of Fame selection of Coach Jolly reflects positively upon the De La Salle community. Hall of Fame membership is based on the performance of their program over the years and/or their contribution to the sport, school, and community. These were some of the criteria to determine the selection. It is indeed an honor to have Coach Jolly from De La Salle as an inductee for NHSACA Hall of Fame from the entire nation of honorees.

The NHSACA is a 56-year-old association with nearly 335,000 members serving as athletic administrators, high school and junior high/middle coaches in numerous schools throughout the United States. Partnered with the Michigan High School Coaches Association, and NHSACA works to promote the educational value of interscholastic athletics, the role of athletic administrators and coaches. The NHSACA and MHSCA are very proud to spotlight Mr. Mike Jolly, a person whose work and values best mirror those of the association.

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