Killop's herculean feat is finals worthy

WARREN, Mich. - For the fourth consecutive year, De La Salle Collegiate’s Anthony Killop has qualified for the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association state finals. 
Killop, who weighs 142 pounds, lifted an impressive 925 pounds of the total weight in three categories: squat (355 pounds), bench press (205 pounds) and deadlift (365 pounds). Only four other athletes lifted more total weight than Killop at Saturday’s qualifying meet at Dexter High School.
Brent Castine, who moderates the Pilots’ powerlifting club, said Killop’s feat is extraordinary. 
“It’s pretty difficult to qualify once, let alone every year of high school,” Castine said. “Anthony worked hard to achieve these lifts, and the fact that he again qualifies shows his commitment to improving paid off.” 
Killop was in the junior varsity state finals as a freshman and sophomore, and also qualified for the varsity finals as a junior in 2019. 
“Anthony only participated in the most recent event,” Castine said, “and managed to hit required weight minimums.” 
Killop, a senior, advances to the state finals at North Branch High School on March 8. 
Unlike many high school sports in Michigan, with district and regional wins leading to a spot in the state finals, powerlifters may qualify at various meets.
Castine says approximately a dozen De La Salle students lifted throughout the winter, but only three chose to compete. 
“Students were busy working out in the weight room with their teams,” Castine said, “and so not as many as usual participated this year.”

Killop has followed in his older brothers' weightlifting footsteps, especially brother Stephen, who graduated from De La Salle in 2017. But like most younger brothers, Anthony doesn't shy away from claiming who the better lifter is in the family.

"The calf sometimes is better than the bull," he said, with a smile. 

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