Looking to the Future: Michol Tapped as Curriculum Director

Veteran teacher Mrs. Annmarie Michol has been selected as the DLS Curriculum Director, a new position created for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Principal Brother Ken Kalinowski ‘84 said, “We were looking at our need to evaluate curriculum and grading, as well as enhance our STEAM program. Mrs. Michol volunteered to take on this challenge.” 

Assistant Principal Christopher Dean, ‘89, said the position is a “natural part of our growth and evolution.”

Dean went on to note that “with our Advanced Placement and standardized test scores on an upward trajectory since the start of the pandemic, a Curriculum Director is necessary to keep our curriculum moving forward and helping our students achieve at the highest levels.” 

Dean added, “It is essential to maintain these high standards that allow our students to gain admission to elite colleges and universities. Last year alone, just to name a few, our students were accepted to Stanford, Princeton, Michigan, Pepperdine, and Alabama. Having a Curriculum Director whose responsibilities include the oversight to remain on that path and to provide our students and teachers with new ideas and opportunities will be a difference maker for DLS going forward.” 

A faculty member at DLS since 1998, Michol will be handling teacher observations, along with Brother Ken and Dean, and working directly with department heads. She will be reviewing all study guides, exams, and finals to ensure they align with the curriculum maps. She will also be researching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) to make recommendations about what will benefit students going forward.

Michol said, “I am excited to see where I can take this school. We’ve already revamped the Freshman Seminar classes.”

Brother Ken notes, “Mrs. Michol is not only a gifted teacher with the Lasallian spirit, but is creative, well-organized, and willing to give 110% in all she undertakes.”

In addition to her Curriculum Director responsibilities, Michol is teaching two freshman English classes, as well as the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition class to juniors. She is the head varsity  tennis coach, and also the moderator for the Student Council. Since 2004, Michol has also served as the Coordinator of Academic Affairs, handling honors banquets, as well as senior events such as graduation. 

Michol’s credentials include a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University, with a major in English and a minor in physical education and health, and a master’s in curriculum and instruction from the University of Detroit Mercy.

Looking to the Future: Michol Tapped as Curriculum Director
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