Maybe God wanted us to take a timeout

Greetings from the Brothers Residence!

The kindness of so many parents and students sending emails or calls to ask how the Brothers are has been overwhelming? Do we need anything? How kind is that?

No. The Brothers are fine and in chapel each day with the intentions of so many.

After reading four sections of freshmen Theology journals - a common theme is the joy that the freshmen have seen in being able to spend quality family time during this difficult time in our lives.

Many have written about families playing cards and board games, or doing projects around the house, and having family meals without the interruption of work, sports practices, and always being on the run.

One freshman wrote, that "maybe God wanted us to take a timeout and realize that our families are the most important thing in our lives."

Prayers for all of us during this time! Live Jesus In Our Hearts! Forever!

Brother Ken Kalinowski, FSC '84

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