Morrison honored for his random act of kindness

WARREN, Mich. – In November, teacher Annmarie Michol added a new category to the monthly school awards that she has moderated for many years.

In addition to the teacher, staff, and student of the month awards, Michol added the Random Act of Kindness award.

The obvious goal of doing kind acts for others is to build self-esteem and raise morale by showing every student at De La Salle that he really can make a difference. It’s also meant to bring everyone together in a cooperative, caring way. Students can be reminded to look for the good they see in people while changing the world with kindness.

Each month, faculty and staff will be asked to nominate a student for the kindness award.  

This month, junior Lorance Morrison was recognized with the Random Act of Kindness Award for his charitable help with the school’s Christian Service Office in December.

“I cannot say enough about what Lorance Morrison contributed to my Adopt-a-Family Campaign,” read an anonymous nomination email. “From the outset, he was a leader. It was he who continually attempted to contact a family, and when he never could, it was he who finally touched base with our new one. It was he who collected money, communicated with me daily to organize plans, shopped for perishables and gifts, and supervised wrapping. Without his contributions, my Advisory could not have come together nearly as effectively as it ultimately did.”

Last month, sophomore Donovan Davis received the first RAK Award for his efforts in cleaning up the Commons.

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