Planning for the return of students

WARREN, Mich. - Greetings from behind a vinyl shield at De La Salle Collegiate. School officials are preparing for the new normal as students return to class in the middle of a pandemic.

"We're going to have installed thermal cameras that will actually take the temperature of anyone who enters the building," said Joe Gerardi.

Gerardi is vice-president of operations there. He says they are following CDC guidelines and those of the Archdiocese of Detroit regarding COVID-19 safety protocols as well as consulting with physicians who are alumni of De La Salle.

"Our goal is to really go above and beyond those guidelines - to look out for the safety of all of our people," said 

He says all students will have an app to answer health questions on their phones even before coming to school to determine if they should stay home. But once in the school - everyone will have to mask up.

"Masks, 100 percent - per the governor's order," Gerardi said.

He added that a Chlorox 360 machine will clean and sanitize the rooms and surfaces better than ever.  

Class sizes will be smaller - with desks six feet apart. And the gym and the libraries will be used as classrooms.

Vinyl shields will be in front of teachers and office staff - a safe barrier between people in an effort to get the students back to class.

"That's where the best learning takes place - face to face in person," he said. "And it makes it as safe as we possibly can be, in these challenging times."

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