Plaque Honors Mrs. Kim Balgenorth

On February 25, 2022, Mrs. Kim Balgenorth was presented with a plaque that will be permanently hung in the school recognizing her generosity to De La Salle. The plaque reads: 

The Richard Balgenorth Memorial Scholarship 
Was established as a tribute to the memory of Mr. Balgenorth, ‘75, and his belief that De La Salle Collegiate plays a crucial role as a foundation for life-long learning. 
The Richard Balgenorth Lasallian Award for Higher Education aims to financially assist a graduating De La Salle senior to continue his education at a college or university. 
Richard’s spirit carries on today through the generous work of his wife Kim Balgenorth who has served as a counseling assistant, benefactor, and proud supporter of De La Salle since 2008.

The names of past Balgenorth Scholarship Winners are included on the plaque. 
Past Balgenorth Scholarship Winners include

  • Andrew Holub, ‘09
  • Michael Albani, ‘09
  • Bernard VanBerkum, ‘10
  • Kyle Sant, ‘11
  • Aaron Brzezinski, ‘12
  • Andrew Piontkowski, ‘13
  • Alexander Valentini, ‘14
  • Nicholas Jozefczyk, ‘15
  • Kevin Jones, ‘16
  • Russell Hu, ‘17
  • Michael Ososkie, ‘18
  • Christian Dean, ‘19
  • Andrew Rusu, ‘20
  • Michael Wisniewski, ‘21
  • Dylan Todaro, ‘22

Many of the past scholarship winners expressed their gratitude and congratulations to Mrs. Balgenorth, including Fr. Anthony VanBerkum, OP (DLS '10).

"This is just a quick note to thank you for your past and present work for De La Salle. I know my time there prepared me very well both for college and for life in general, often in ways I didn't recognize at the time—and also, I'm sure, in ways that I have yet to realize. It was also a privilege to receive the scholarship from DLS as I graduated, both for its practical use (it's been some time, but if I remember correctly, I used it for a computer that lasted through college and into my years in the Order) and for its sense as a concrete, visible expression of everything else I received from the school and community. So, thank you for your work then and now in the making of Christian men. I keep the whole De La Salle Collegiate community in my prayers."

Andrew Holub, '09, wrote: 

"I was delighted to hear about the plans to honor Mrs. Balgenorth. As a recipient of a Balgenorth Scholarship, I can attest to the benefits that she and her late husband continue to pour into the De La Salle family. However, her value to this community is far greater than material. What I, and undoubtedly others, appreciate most is her amiability, warmth, and approachability. I fondly remember many of the times I stopped into her office (both as a student and alumnus) just to chat with her. It is no wonder; she was always encouraging, honest, reflective, and funny. Having recently completed my Ph.D. in psychology, and spent time working as an adjunct faculty member at Oakland University, I understand that a cheerful disposition and an openness to others can go a long way. I sincerely thank Mrs. Balgenorth for the contributions she has made to De La Salle, and count myself lucky to have been the recipient of her generosity and friendship."


Plaque Honors Mrs. Kim Balgenorth
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