Senior 'drives' to help Montana school
Cameron Kessler stands next to the cans and bottles return machine inside a grocery store.

WARREN, Mich. – Got empties? 

De La Salle Collegiate senior Cameron Kessler will be happy to take them. 

In June, Kessler thought of ways to give back to others. That’s when he came up with the can and bottle collection drive.

Money raised will go to the De La Salle Blackfeet School in Montana.

Last September, Kessler, a student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, visited the school, which is part of the Blackfeet Nation, one of the largest Indian tribes in the United States. The visit was part of the annual International Baccalaureate service trip to the school. 

Knowing of the reservation, and the students at the school, Kessler decided to collect redeemable bottles and cans.

“The purpose of the drive is to help the school (purchase) school supplies,” Kessler said. 

Already, Kessler has collected more than $800 worth of returnables. He plans to collect cans and bottles through the end of this week. 

Kessler worked out arrangements with Brother Ken Kalinowski for a collection box to be placed at the Brothers’ house across the street from De La Salle.

“Cameron truly exemplifies what Christian Service is about,” said Jo Marie Ragona, director of Christian Service at De La Salle. “The special thing about Cameron’s project is that it was entirely self-motivated. He decided summer was a good time to do this so he could help out the Blackfeet Lasallian School for the coming school year, and he ran with it.”

Kessler also involved other members of the Pilots’ cross-country team in the project, which he is completing for the Creativity, Activity, or Service (CAS) requirement for the IB curriculum. 

In addition to cross country, Kessler participates on De La Salle’s AutoPilots robotics team and is a member of the National Honor Society. He plans to major in business, possibly at Oakland University. 

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