Stock Market Club Finds Innovative Ways to Reach Students

The popular De La Salle Collegiate Stock Market Club is back with a unique feature.

The extracurricular activity, open to all students, resumed its monthly meetings in mid-October with both in-person and virtual attendees.   

“We had a great turnout,” said Dennis Koch, Alumni Director and moderator of the group since its 2007 inception. “For those students who attend school virtually, or may have already left for the day, the virtual option opens up a whole new opportunity. This is an unintended consequence of our new world.

“This club is about our students,” Koch said. “I want them to benefit from the skills and experiences of our alumni,” adding that he intends to invite alumni to speak to the club every meeting.

“The alumni, the guys who do this for a living, will be able to guide our students in learning about the stock market, business, economics, investing, careers, etc.,” he continued. “It’ll be like having a guest speaker or career day every day for the members of this club. They are the experts.  Let’s invite them to speak to our students.

“I talk to alumni all the time about ways of giving back to De La Salle,” Koch said. “I remind them that talking to a class is just another way to give back to their alma mater.”

Koch stressed to the group, particularly the newcomers, the importance of continuously learning from financial news sources, including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Bloomberg. 

He also reviewed the annual Stock Market Club game and encourages students to follow the website 

“The game is a great way for students to ‘invest’ and evaluate their choices without the actual worries of losing money,” Koch said. 

Junior Brady McKay, a member of the club since his freshman year, will serve as the group’s president for the 2020-2021 school year. 

“I am not only excited but also honored, to be a leader of the Stock Market Club,” McKay said. “The Stock Market Club has led me to awesome friendships with other members that I met in my freshman year. The club is not only a way to learn about the stock market and financial strategies that I will use in my future, but also really is an outlet to meet new students. Joining this club truly has made me enjoy De La Salle more.” 

Visit the Market Watch game

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